Lingerie care tips 101: step-by-step guide to washing and drying your intimates

Written by Vudu Dahl


Posted on November 21 2022

Everyone has a favorite piece of lingerie. It's the thing you pull out when you have an important meeting, or you feel like celebrating a big accomplishment. It may be a bra, a set of underwear, or even something more risqué. Regardless of its form, it's an intimate item that requires special care. If you've been wondering how to keep your intimates clean and looking their best, here are some tips on washing and drying them properly:

How to wash lingerie in a washing machine
When washing lingerie in the washing machine, make sure to use a lingerie bag. This will help keep your intimates from getting tangled with other clothing items during the wash cycle.
When laundering delicate items that are hand-wash only, such as lace underwear or bras, be sure to use either a gentle cycle or hand-wash with warm water and mild detergent (no more than 30°C/86°F).
In addition to using a lingerie bag when washing your intimate apparel in the washer, it's important to know how best to care for specific types of garments—for example:

  • Bras and camisoles should be washed separately from other items because they can cause color transfer onto other garments through friction. * Some luxury lingerie can only be washed by hand due to delicate materials like silk or satin; these pieces should not go through the dryer but instead hang dry or lay flat so that they don't lose their shape.

How to hand wash lingerie

  • Fill a large basin or sink with warm water.
  • Add a small amount of mild detergent to the basin, just enough to create a nice sudsy lather. If you don't have those fancy bottles of lingerie care products hanging around, use the cheapest bar soap you can find at the grocery store (the blue-green bars are all that's needed here).
  • Place your lingerie in the basin and gently swish it around until it's clean—this step isn't meant to be vigorous! Pay special attention to delicate areas like lace trim or bra straps where dirt can get trapped between fibers more easily.
  • Rinse thoroughly in cold water until all suds are gone before drying out at room temperature or hanging on a clothesline outside if possible (so your neighbors can get their eyes on those lacy underthings!). It's important not to wring out any water from your delicates; instead gently squeeze excess moisture into another part of the basin before placing them back in their proper place for drying overnight (or longer...we won't judge).

How to air dry your lingerie
If you've only ever thrown your intimates in the washing machine, it can be intimidating to air dry them. But this is the best way to care for your delicate items.

Air drying is also cost-effective: no energy required! As long as you have enough space, hanging up your lingerie to dry leaves it free of wrinkles and ready for use again in no time. Make sure not to hang by any elastic or lace—those areas are likely to stretch out over time. Instead, use the waist or shoulder straps as a guide for where each garment should go on the hanger and let gravity do its job!

Hand-washing is the best way to care for your intimates.
When you wash your intimates by hand, you are able to ensure that all of the delicate fabrics and materials are properly cared for. This means that you won't have to worry about shrinking or stretching, and can instead focus on how to keep these items looking new as long as possible.

When you're hand-washing lingerie, it's important to use warm water (not hot) and then rinse in cold water before hanging it up or laying out flat on a towel. This will help prevent fading or other damage that might occur when using harsh chemicals like bleach or stain removers in the wash cycle.

Hand-washing is also better than machine washing because there's no risk of overloading the machine with too many items; this can result in wrinkling or tearing more fragile fabrics such as lace and silk chiffon if they get caught between two other pieces during agitation cycles."

Hand-washing is the best way to care for your intimates. With proper care, your lingerie will last longer and look better than if you machine wash it. Hand washing is also a good option if you want to preserve the color or shape of your garment; some garments may fade when exposed to high heat or harsh detergents found in some laundry detergents.



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